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About Blueocean

Our commitment to innovation, diversity, and expertise in shaping tomorrow’s technology landscape with passion and dedication.

Our Story

Founded in 2020 and headquartered in bustling Bangalore, India, Blueocean is a tech-startup & our journey is one of innovation and transformation. We bring to the table over 130+ man-years of collective experience, with a focus on Telecom and Automotive industries, Cloud Native and SaaS technologies. In Telecom, we’ve excelled in Convergent Charging (4G & 5G) and Monetization & in the Automotive sector, we’ve deployed SaaS products on AWS for leading US automobile companies.

Our expertise extends to Software Architecture, Integrations, and Oracle BRM Implementation. We serve diverse sectors such as Telecommunications, Automotive, and Enterprises, offering services from Product Management to cloud migration. Blueocean is more than a technology startup; we’re your partner in solving complex business and technology challenges.

What we’re solving for

In the last 3+ years, we’ve partnered with numerous clients to seize digital opportunities, adapting to industry and tech changes, gaining valuable insights to shape our evolving services.

Technology Enablers

Collaborators that shape Blueocean’s path to excellence

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