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Usage Management Platform

Drive innovation & scale your business with a dynamic BSS

Build stronger tech for
your business

Usage Management Platform (UMP) is a cutting-edge, cloud-native solution that delivers high scalability with AI assistance, making it ideal for harnessing the power of 5G technology. UMP excels in transforming, aggregating, and administering policy rules and usage data from both Network and IoT devices.

Blueocean leverages TMForum’s Open API Framework to facilitate the integration of our platform with a wide array of partner services within the Operations Support System (OSS) and BSS.

Key offerings

Assemble the finest team to oversee your end-to-end Usage Management Platform

4G/5G Usage Management

Enterprise Commerce

Blueocean methodology

Create the blueprint for integrating technology the right way in your business


Gather all the requisites and requirements needed to build the solution

Release Plan

Define & strategize the complete plan of action beforehand


Design the application and define the visuals to meet the brand needs


Build the solution from scratch following the best coding practices

Test Automation

Automate the testing process with tools designed to increase teams’ productivity


Deploy solutions with proven delivery methods to expedite transformation

Business-ready solutions

Explore our tailored solutions to handle everyday business operations

Solutions Lab - Demo instance for Telecom

Solutions Lab - Demo instance for Enterprises

Blueocean Differentiators

The unique and personalized offerings we provide to our customers and clients


Cater to multiple customer segments with the same framework and solution

Configuration Driven

Enable solutions with the right setup to suit your business needs & goals

Closed Loop Automation

Enable a continuous process that monitors, measures, and assesses real-time network traffic

AI-assisted , Lightweight Microservice

Leverage AI and automation judiciously to enhance IT services, improve efficiency, speed & scalability

Our technologies

Technologies we work with to deliver excellence and innovation in Usage Management Platform

Platform Agnostic

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