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DevOps Infrastructure

Build systems for your business that deliver applications and services at high velocity

Scale at lightning speeds with DevOps

The intricacies of software delivery often present challenges stemming from complexity, quality assurance hurdles, and communication issues. However, DevOps infrastructure services offer a solution by furnishing automation, monitoring, and collaborative tools to surmount these obstacles.

Blueocean’s DevOps Infrastructure service is dedicated to overseeing cloud environments for both development and operations, customizing tools to suit the specific requirements of each team. The key to success lies in the automation of Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) and efficient monitoring. This introduction addresses the advantages of DevOps and its role in addressing the latest trends and practices to tackle challenges in software delivery.

Key offerings

Collaborate with seasoned DevOps teams to integrate best practices into your operations

Blueocean methodology

Create the blueprint for integrating technology the right way in your business


Enable repository and version control for your applications or software


Employ automation tools to build the release artifacts


Use a proven DevOps testing strategy to check code and ops


Push the application to production after thorough testing


Manage the application once live or in production phase

Blueocean Differentiators

The unique and personalized offerings we provide to our customers and clients

Cross Cloud Knowledge

We bring in expertise working with different cloud platforms to enable businesses

Deep focus on AWS

Our primary offering has been centered around our focus and expertise in AWS


Apply discipline, efficiency, and high-quality control standards in software development

Kubernetes, Kubevela

Effectively oversee and control your application delivery through command lines

Grafana, Prometheus

Enable dimensional data model, flexible query language and modern alerting approach

Datadog Support

Gain complete visibility during your DevOps culture transformation or adoption

Our technologies

Technologies we work with to deliver excellence and innovation in DevOps Infrastructure

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