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IoT Solutions Platform – Test your IoT Business Models



The IoT Business Solutions Platform is a software solution designed to operate an IoT solutions business online. It enables solution providers to offer their services by evaluating various IoT business models.

Business Challenges

  • Device & Data Management
  • Pricing the IoT Service offerings / IoT Business model
  • Data Analytics
  • Differentiated & Innovative solutions
  • Adoption of Business Process automation


IoT Business Solutions Platform – empowers solution providers to

  • Connect & Manage IoT devices
  • Collect & Transform data
  • Analytics with BI tools
  • IoT Business modeling

Key advantages:

IoT solution providers are granted the capacity to thoroughly evaluate diverse business models before introducing them to their clientele. The platform facilitates the process of business modeling through an intuitive user interface and a comprehensive set of configuration options. This empowering tool allows providers to fine-tune and customize their offerings, ensuring that they align seamlessly with the unique needs and preferences of their target customers.

Sample IoT business models:

  • Subscription Model – recurring revenue is generated at fixed time intervals
  • Asset-Sharing Model – expensive equipment is shared by multiple parties.
  • Sell IoT Data – Valuable insights generated for third-party revenue generation
  • Razor Blade Model – any product needing re-ordering of parts
    • eg. Smart Water – automatically re-orders its filters
  • Pay-Per-Usage Model – pay only when the product/service is used
    • eg. car insurance based on kms driven

Key features:

  • IoT Protocol – MQTT
  • Data Management
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Customer & Subscription Management
  • Pricing


The IoT Business Solutions Platform is poised to yield significant advantages across a multitude of cross-industry domains, spanning areas such as utilities, energy, healthcare, automotive, communications, media, and beyond.

The main advantage of adopting this platform is:

  • No IT investments
  • No coding required
  • Quickly test relevant business models
  • Faster Rollout of IoT solutions
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